Internet Protocol This system, known as TeleVision and briefly known as iptv on the market, is a technolo- gy designed to monitor encrypted channels over the Internet. The aim of this invention is to show live performance music in the garage for more than one person via internet. This system, which was used initially with the Internet-based security cameras frequently used at the beginning of this technology in the beginning, is used for the common sharing and transmission of encrypted TV channels without encryption.The first use and departure is for watching *** ITALIA, DEUSTCH and UNITED KINGDOM in Europe. Later, the whole world started to be used for platforms and national channels. Digiturk in Turkey, D'Smart, Tivibu, Teledünya and Filbox are also used for this system and they also have this technology in their systems.In order to easily watch IPTV broadcasts, it is possible to watch broadcasts with a cable connection of at least 4MBit. It can not be said that IPTV is comfortable watching movies on the internet. There are many differences between watching a file online and watching a continuous stream.Users' comments usually have the following question. I watch high-quality broadcasts from Youtube or online movie watch sites, but why do I get frozen when I watch iptv?The answer to this question is absolutely; When you open the video you want to watch on your device, your phone, your tablet, or your computer and your yada online movie sites, the infrastructure software will retrieve the file size (how many gigabytes per second) . This recording is done in micro seconds and allows you to download the video file in parts. During this download you will see BUFFERING on your screen while waiting for the part to arrive, such as hanging. And when you're done, the video stream continues without freezing. BUT; Online broadcast system does not have a certain size and duration of video, the device, phone, computer stream which can not make this calculation opens the active video and continues it continuously. There was a need for quality and uninterrupted connectivity within this process.Uninterrupted and high quality connection is made with WIRED CONNECTION. Wifi connections are certainly not in good quality compared to cabling due to radio frequencies and wavy lines. In order to make good use of IPTV broadcasts, you are able to watch seamlessly with wired and good internet connection (network, infrastructure and connectivity problems within the home).